Max Peters: Pandemic Refugee, Down Syndrome in Covid Times.

I am so pleased to share the trailer, Pandemic Refugee, Down Syndrome in Covid times. It is a precursor to a Short Film describing our journey through Covid.
“What started out as a vacation to celebrate Max and Maria’s birthdays in La Paz, Mexico turned into a journey through three different countries keeping Max safe from this deadly virus. People with Down Syndrome are 4 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid and 10 times more likely to die. Max Peters is a 20 year old artist and athlete with Down Syndrome. This is a story about that journey and keeping Max alive.”

Rafting the Arkansas and riding the Train through the Royal Gorge

Max and I spent an awesome week of vacation checking out Cañon City and the Arkansas River. We did a day on Bighorn Sheep and then rafted the Gorge! It was truly amazing! Water levels were perfect and our guide Chris incredibly skilled. We love this river! We got to ride the train through the Royal Gorge, and meet the conductor! Go fishing, camp and bike! It was an absolutely wonderful week of adventure! 💕🙏

World Down Syndrome Day- Get ready to Rock Your Socks! 💕🧦💕

World Down Syndrome Day is coming up March 21! On this Day, people around the world connect in advocacy and celebration, wearing colourful, vibrant socks to support Down Syndrome awareness. Max has athletic Art socks of two of his paintings for sale on his website. Join in the awesomeness and celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with us!

Tofino Art socks
Monument SOS Art socks
Tofino Endūr Art socks

HeArts Together Community Art project

Max is painting a heart for the HeArts Together community art project. Hearts and messages of love and support are hung through out the community, reminding us that we can come together creatively to support each other even when physically apart. It’s a really beautiful idea. Max painted his on the Gorge to local guitar music! 💕

Laguna San Ignacio

Max and I are in Laguna San Ignacio in Baja California Sur. We are visiting our friends whale camp, Pachico’s Eco Tours. Grey Whales migrate thousands of miles each year to mate and have babies here in the warm waters of the lagoon. Every day we are going out in panga’s and bearing witness to this incredible experience. We have seen mothers nurturing new born babies. Whales are breaching off the back of our panga and engaging in whale mating behavior. It has been the experience of a lifetime!