Alert Bay

We spent the end of our trip visiting Alert Bay off the North Coast of Vancouver Island. Max was invited to join in a First Nations dance by the T’sasala Cultural Group of Alert Bay. This was one of the highlights of our trip! He drummed beautifully! I was incredibly impressed by the kindness extended towards Max. I was also very impressed by their advocacy to protect the whales and environment of Vancouver Island. We have much to learn from the T’sasala!

The Great Canadian Road Trip- Kayaking the Broken Group

Yesterday we went Sea Kayaking In the Broken Group Islands in Barkley Sound off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. It was incredibly beautiful! We were fortunate to have a completely calm day. I was so proud of Max. The guides made him a sea trumpet out of Kelp. He paddled and blew on his marine horn all day! 🙂 Next we’re going to explore the North East side of the Island. The Great Canadian Road Trip continues to be filled with adventure!

The Great Canadian Road Trip- Ucluelet

The Great Canadian road trip continues! We made it to Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. We have been blessed with all types of adventure… 😊❤️🇨🇦❤️😊

We survived camping in a rainstorm the likes of which I have never seen before. Our bike rack broke and was made stronger. We have encountered amazing kindness, Magical rain forests, and crashing beaches. This morning we went bear watching and tomorrow we will go Sea kayaking in the Broken Group Islands… The smile and wonder on Max’s face and the time together fills my heart so much! Vancouver Island you are amazing!

The Great Canadian Road Trip – Saturna Island

The Great Canadian Road Trip is progressing! We spent the most amazing week on a wondrous little island called Saturna. Worlds collided and friendships were forged amongst kayaks and bicycles! We are happy and our hearts are full! Saturna will always be in my heart…

Hugs and Love Always from Canada!

Maria and Max! ❤️🌊🇨🇦🌊❤️