Max’s Mexico Art “Uncertain Times”

In these uncertain times, it seems appropriate to separate this new phase of Max’s Art. We were on vacation in Baja California Sur, Mexico when COVID-19 spiked. I had brought Max to Laguna San Ignacio to see the Grey Whales for his 19th birthday. We sheltered in place in La Paz, BCS for two months.

With his lung issues and reduced immunity, getting COVID-19 most likely would be fatal to Max. Initially there was not much virus. As it spread through Mexico it became increasingly dangerous for us to stay. The beaches were closed and the country went into military lock down. We weren’t able to leave our apartment or safely access food. This was a very scary time for us.

We finally embraced the reality that the safest option for us was to drive up to Canada. We loaded all of Max’s Art into our roof top tent and began the journey out. We drove 3650 km in 6 days.

The drive was long, and the fear of being exposed to COVID19 was intense. When we crossed the border into Canada we literally kissed the ground! We spent a year with family on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC. Thanks to vaccination, we are back home in Fruita, Colorado. I am happy to say we are healthy, safe and exquisitely happy to be alive!

I hope Max’s Art touches you. These paintings came from a place of joy and a time of peace and tranquility. The whales and time on the beach were unforgettable. I have tremendous gratitude for the beauty and adventure we experienced down there before the ravages of COVID19 hit. I am so proud of both Max and I surviving the adventure of a life time!

“Rivers” Frank Turner series I
“21 Century Survival Blues” Frank Turner Series II
“Peggy Sang the Blues” Frank Turner series III
Laguna San Ignacio Series I
Laguna San Ignacio
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 36

We were visiting Laguna San Ignacio in BCS Mexico, to go whale watching for Max’s 19th birthday. Max was so excited to see the Grey Whales breaching and rolling everywhere in the calm waters. He laughed and laughed as they blowed and played near our boat. The magic of seeing him be so enchanted with the whales was just amazing. Laguna san Ignacio is the first of three Whale paintings completed during our month-long stay at the lagoon.

Laguna San Ignacio Series II
Baile de Ballenas
Acrylic on Canvas

Max painted this after a couple of weeks at the lagoon. We had been out whale watching multiple times. His excitement and connection with the whales was amazing. He painted this after his first close encounter of touching a Grey whale!

Laguna San Ignacio Series III
Laguna de Amor
Acrylic on Canvas

This is Max’s third painting in the Laguna San Ignacio Series. He had so many incredible whale encounters over the past few weeks. We spent the day swimming and walking along the beach. You could tell Max was feeling the incredible beauty and energy of the Lagoon.

Tortuga Release
Acrylic on Canvas

We participated in a pilot turtle release project at Laguna San Ignacio. Max spent an evening helping measure and tag turtles and then release them back into the water. Max was incredibly excited. He named his turtle Alonso. He painted Tortuga Release after the experience.

Acrylic on Canvas

Tecolote Beach is in La Paz, Baja California Sur. This is where Max and I are sheltered in place during lockdown. We come here to swim and paint. It has a breathtaking view north to Espiritu Santo Island. Max painted this after swimming one day.

Frank Turner Series I
Acrylic on Canvas

Max loves Frank Turner. He painted the Frank Turner Series while listening to his music on the beach. The lyrics shine through into his Art. They speak deeply to his experience of lockdown and these uncertain times. You could feel Max’s happiness and peace as he listened and painted to Rivers.

21st Century Survival Blues
Frank Turner Series II
Acrylic on Canvas

This was Max’s second painting in the Frank Turner series. It is amazing the colors he chose. He loved this song. You could feel his energy flowing as he painted. It reflects his strength in surviving the loneliness of COVID 19 through swimming and painting on our beach.

“I’ve got the 21st century survival blues
I’ve got shelter, drinking water I’ve got cupboards of food
And I know I can survive in my apocalypse home
But what’s the point of surviving if you’re just surviving alone

So meet me at home when the sirens go off
I don’t wanna be alone so don’t you get lost
I know a place where the two of us can hide
We can barricade the door and we’d be safe inside
When the harsh winds blow and the world gets cold
You can’t trust kindness and you can’t eat gold
I’ve got the 21st century survival blues
But to tell you the truth I just need you”

by Frank Turner

Peggy Sang the Blues
Frank Turner Series III
Acrylic on Canvas 16×20

This is Max’s third painting in the Frank Turner painting on the beach series. This is was his favorite song of the day. The lyrics are vividly expressed in the painting… They express his optimism and hope to surviving the pandemic with Grace.

‘Cause better times are coming
Better times ahead
And no one gets remembered
My deathless child
Don’t waste too long in bed

And Peggy said:
It doesn’t matter where you come from
It matters where you go
And no one gets remembered
In this listless, loveless life
For the things they didn’t do”

by Frank Turner