21 Century Survival Blues


metallic print

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This was Max’s second painting in the Frank Turner series. It is amazing to me the Blue colors he chose. He loved this song. It represents his surviving COVID19 on our beach.

“I’ve got the 21st century survival blues
I’ve got shelter, drinking water I’ve got cupboards of food
And I know I can survive in my apocalypse home
But what’s the point of surviving if you’re just surviving alone

So meet me at home when the sirens go off
I don’t wanna be alone so don’t you get lost
I know a place where the two of us can hide
We can barricade the door and we’d be safe inside
When the harsh winds blow and the world gets cold
You can’t trust kindness and you can’t eat gold
I’ve got the 21st century survival blues
But to tell you the truth I just need you” by Frank Turner

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