Support Max

Max Peters is a vibrant non-verbal artist and athlete with Down Syndrome.

All purchases of Max’s Art and Art athletic apparel support his quality of life and activities. His paintings are a beautiful expression of his love of life and adventure! His Art socks and sleeves look amazing and are highly functional.

Max Zone also donates 2% of sales to Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association (RMDSA) to support Down Syndrome Awareness and Awesomeness! Your purchase is making a difference!

Please contact us either through this webpage or to order Art socks, prints or purchase originals.

Donations can also be made to support Max below. Max has an ABLE account which is a tax advantaged savings account where he can save for future expenses and quality of life.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Ugift code: P6V-R8B
  3. Enter Max’s name and gift amount
  4. Make the gift via electronic funds transfer or check